Cards and creations designed to reflect nature's beauty.

Smacked Whale? Why that?
It's a rearrangement of my name, Kadee Schwalm.  It made me laugh when I found it, the weird satisfying coincidence of how the same letters fit together to make something completely new.  And it's just my style: the whimsy of the big majestic marine mammal patiently enduring a slap on its massive head like a van finally packed for a roadtrip.

It became the name of my creative outlet even before I knew what that was - and let me tell you, that was a journey - but again, it's weirdly perfect: a rearranging of preserved natural ephemera into decorative and meaningful objects, a light-hearted collision with those big impossible feelings we want to send out into the world.  I love my friends through hosting, remembering special days, decorating, and simply sharing the beauty I see.

Smacked Whale Designs is the best way I've found to give on that love of life, and I'm glad to be able to help you give yours to the people in your life you love.

*Select Greeting Cards are available for sale at Studio 323 in Phoenixville, Pa and Wild Blooms in Spring City, Pa !*

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